What Sets Us Apart?

Turning Nightmares Into Day Dreams starts from the time you contact Dream Catcher Construction!  The first thing you will notice is that we include 3D images of what your final product may look like so you can make an educated decision on what exactly you want us to do.  What we want doesn’t matter.  It’s your house and your project; we’re just helping you turn your Nightmare into a Day Dream.  Some questions to consider as you start planning your day dream:

1.) What does this space not do now that I want it to do when the project is complete?  Let’s face it; you wouldn’t be doing this major renovation if the space was doing everything you dreamt it would do.  You’re doing this because this space is not performing to the level you think it has the potential to perform at.  Time to discipline the drywall.  Let’s make that space perform to your level of perfection not the last owners.

2.) Is my budget really my budget and is it realistic for what I am wanting?  Example: Granite countertops are not cheap and they require a great deal of strength and labor to install.  Flat laid countertops are much more labor friendly.  There is a $10 per SF countertop and there is a $50 per SF countertop.  Are you trying to get a $50 per SF countertop on a $10 per SF budget?  Determine where you are willing to compromise on material because Dream Catcher Construction will not compromise on workmanship.  We will do it better than anyone.  Remember, we don’t compete; we dominate.

3.) Does my contractor have licenses, bonds and insurance?  If the answer to any of those is a “no”; you need a new contractor.  There are only two reasons; only two, that a contractor is not insured: 

A.) They are uninsurable; an insurance company refused to insure their work.

B.) They are not responsible.  Responsible contractors have the basics of being in business covered.  Insurance is a basic cost of business.

 If your contractor can’t afford to insure his work; do you really want him working on the biggest investment of your life?

Dream Catcher Construction carries a $1M per incident; $2M aggregate general liability insurance policy and has bonds on file with the City of Farmington, Missouri, and  is licensed by the City of Farmington for General, Electrical and Plumbing contracting.