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Why Hire Dream Catcher Construction?

Dream Catcher Construction was formed and is dedicated to 10 Core Values.  Everything we do and who we are is based on the 10 Core Values.  They are not only our business values; they are out personal values as well.

CORE VALUES of Dream Catcher Construction:

1.) Take Initiative to recognize problems as situations are realized.

2.) Take Responsibility for solving those problems, and for recognizing great work ethic per our Core Values and excellent work product.

3.) Do what is right, even when it costs us money to do it. We stand for what is right even if we have to stand alone in the market.

4.) Always, always, always agree with our customers. The best way to disagree is to find agreement and work from that point outward.

5.) Never turn down an opportunity to add value even if we have to eat some cost in the process.

6.) Show up earlier; stay later and do the job better than anyone else.

7.) Dominate the construction and remodeling space; never compete. Competition is for those who have given up; Domination is for those who have already decided that losing is not an option.

8.) Dedication to each other as family; not mere co-workers and customers. If our brother or sister needs us; we are there for them.

9.) Be involved and committed members of our communities, always prepared to give back. This means our customers are more than a one time transaction; they are a lifetime commitment.

10.) Give every customer 10X the value for every penny they spend with us


Electrical Contracting

As licensed electricians we can handle all aspects of electrical systems and electrical contracting.  From the simple outlet change to the wiring of your new home, we can turn any electrical nightmare into a day dream.


Plumbing Contracting

As licensed plumbers we can handle all aspects of plumbing systems and plumbing contracting.  From the simple P-Trap change to the plumbing of your new home, we can turn any plumbing nightmare into a day dream.


General Contracting

As licensed General Contractors we can handle all aspects of building systems and building contracting.  From the simple wall construction  to the building of your new home, we can turn any contracting nightmare into a day dream.


From minor repairs such as a jammed garbage disposal to major repairs like rewiring your whole house we can handle any project.

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We can replace your old, worn out wood windows and replace them with environmentally friendly and beautiful vinyl windows.  Your heating and air conditioning bill with thank you.


Did you buy something wanting to do it yourself and realized you were in over your head.  We can turn that nightmare into a day dream too.


Did you buy a new refrigerator with an ice maker only to realize you don't have a water line for the ice maker?  We can help you with that.  Nothing like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day with ice fresh from your own freezer.


General maintenance

Is your roof just worn out?  Is your clapboard siding needing a new face?  Have your gutters just been beaten up by too many storms?  Do you need a new hot water heater?  We can handle any home maintenance project.


Need a lake or pond dug?  How about a basement for a new home?  We can handle all of your excavation needs.  


Business Maintenance Program

Are you a business owner?  Do you have difficulty quantifying your business maintenance expenses?  Our business maintenance program allows you to secure maintenance for your business in a quantifiable form to help you budget for it ahead of time.  Starting at $10 per SF of business space, we will take care of all of your standard business maintenance.  Major projects and upgrades are not included in the business maintenance program.


We have a team specifically dedicated to drywall, trim, painting and finishes.  These guys can do everything from hanging your drywall to texturing to painting and finishing.


Project Financing Option

Just follow the "Project Financing" link in the menu, or simply click on this quick link:  


Hear what our customers had to say!

"Jason and Bill were a great!  We will definitely be using them again in the future."

Bryan - Bonne Terre, MO

"Bill conta​cted me right away after filling out my information on Home Advisor.  He was at my house for a bid the following day.  These guys worked on a Sunday to install a new sump pump in our basement.  The did it all in one day and did an amazing job.  I can't express how thankful and happy we were with Dream Catcher Construction!"

Chelsea - Fredericktown, MO

"We were originally looking for a deck, but had an issue arise in my basement that took priority.  Jason and Bill installed French drains, a sump pump and did a lot of drywall work.  They worked very quickly and took time to answer all of my questions.  That is awesome because I ask a lot of questions.  Everything was done in a timely and professional manner.  The quality of work is beyond reproach.  We will be using them for all future projects."

Wesley  - St. Mary, MO

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